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This is The Arcanist Bookstore, a place where you can support The Arcanist by buying merch, books by our writers, make a donation and more. 
We built this store because we want to keep paying our writers and improving how we deliver content without locking that content behind a paywall or filling every possible nook and cranny with ads.
Our mission to spread short SF/F fiction to as many readers as possible while also paying writers for their craft. This store helps us continue doing that. 



Spread the word by wearing it on your chest. 

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Books by Our Writers

Help support us by buying books by our writers and our select staff picks.

After the Apocalypse
By Josh Roseman
Memories of My Father
By Josh Roseman
By Chris Bullard
Monster Town
By Bruce Golden
My Favorite Apocalypse: A Collection of Stories
By Chanteé Hale, Larry Hinkle
Mortals All
By Bruce Golden
Torchship Trilogy
By Karl K. Gallagher
Tales of My Ancestors
By Bruce Edward Golden
Red Sky, Blue Moon
By Bruce Golden
The Dragon Round
By Stephen S. Power

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